Andy Moerlein

4 a.m. 2016 red oak, plywood 21 x 6 x 10”
The stretch and ache of late night ideas makes deep sleep impossible.

Sumo 2016 red oak 32 x 7 x 19
Solid. Rugged. Sudden and explosive.

Plume 2016 red oak, plywood 84 x 16 x 24”
Arising from a dormant volcano,
There is peace in the steady plume.

Uncomformity 2016 red oak, plywood 112 x 30 x 44”
Unconformities represent gaps in the geologic record. 
When I carved this ancient oak I confronted a deep 
timeline and rearranged the tree into a new life.

Akimbo 2016 red oak, plywood 113 x 33 x 36”
Jaunty. Well balanced with a twist.
Artist Statement

Natural forces like geology and weather are deeply embedded in our daily chemistry and our living story. Moerlein’s art presents a personal reaction to the powerful interaction between psyche and phenomena. The goal is both sensual and conceptual. The art makes visible a personal narrative. Moerlein is a storyteller.

The work included in this show features sculptures informed by Moerlein’s enthusiasm for scholars’ rocks. This Chinese tradition of collecting scholars’ rocks involves the elegant presentation of precious and adored stones for contemplation and enjoyment. The story presented is ancient.

Andy Moerlein is an internationally exhibited sculptor. His work has been shown in museums, sculpture gardens, and galleries from Alaska to New York, Switzerland to Peru. Mr. Moerlein has an extensive resume of public art works and site specific monumental outdoor sculptures. In 2011 he participated in the Verbier 3D Foundation's Artist Residency in the Swiss Alps. In 2012, he was the Artist in Residence at the Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, Massachusetts. In 2013 he worked in residence in Cusco Peru. In 2014 he carved granite at Contemporary Arts International’s Carving Symposium “Art Archeology”. He has awarded the Distinguished Chair 2015 at the Truro Center for the Arts at Castel Hill where an installation was commissioned for their garden. In 2016 his newest work was featured in a solo exhibition “Geology” at Boston Sculptors Gallery.

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