Pat Keck

Man with Some Restraints

Seated Giantess

Sleepwalking Ghost

Tricky Man


Artist Statement
Wood is a wonderful medium. You can cut it up, glue it back together, build with it, carve it, paint it and, if things don't work out, you can burn it up and it will keep you warm. You can use your wood chips to mulch your garden. It smells nice when you're working with it. David Bowie once said that in the future people would want to come home and touch something made of wood. That was a long time ago...  so I think it's true now.

Much of my inspiration, puppets, dummies, carousel and cigar store figures, comes from things traditionally made of wood. What draws me to these things is the quality they have that makes people think of them as little beings, rather than objects. Being  made of wood is a big part of that as, in a very real way, they were once alive.  I feel a great responsibility toward the tree whose life I took and it's always on my mind that the spirit of that tree is in the wood I'm carving and embodied in the figure that results.

Artist Bio:
Graduated from The Rhode Island School of Design  with a BFA in sculpture in 1978.
1982 - Founding member World Sculpture Racing Society and winner of the World's First Sculpture Race, Cambridge MA
Represented by Martina Hamilton Gallery in NYC from 1984-89 .
Represented by Genovese/Sullivan Gallery in Boston from 1994-2007. 
Currently represented by GW Einstein Co. in NYC
 2003 - mid career retrospective, “Puppets, Ghosts and Zombies” at the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, MA, which traveled in 2004 to the Kilkenny Arts Festival in Kilkenny, Ireland and in 2005 to the McColl Center in Charlotte, NC.
Featured in the PBS series “Art Close Up” in 2004
In 2005  collaborated with the theater company, Molasses Tank Productions, in “Acts of Futility”, a staging of six one act plays by Samuel Beckett that drew on imagery from her work. 
2010-15 - collaborated with film maker Peter Antony on the short film, “Night and Day”.

Collections: Addison Gallery, The Davison Art Center, DeCordova Museum, Fogg Art Museum, Boston Public Library, NY Public Library, Fidelity Investments, WellingtonManagement

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